Race Details

The Arden Park Youth Triathlon is a triathlon featuring a Swim-Bike-Run format for youth aged 5-16. The focus of the event is to provide a triathlon experience for children in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with distances that are achievable regardless of ability. Participants will complete each discipline in the triathlon order, Swim-Bike-Run. Age-based waves (heats) will determine the starting time for the participant (see Estimated Start Times). He/she will swim in the Arden Park pool and then head to the Transition Area.

The Transition area, (located on the parking lot adjacent to the pool) is where the athlete will leave everything they need for the bike and run portions of the event. Designated areas based on age/division will be setup for the participant to place their bike and a towel on the ground. On the towel you can place everything you need during the race (shoes, socks, helmet, towel for drying off, etc.). Volunteers will be available in the Transition Area to assist anyone with tying shoes, buckling helmets, etc. Once shoes and helmets are on and securely buckled the bike leg can begin.

It is the participant’s responsibility to insure that each and every lap is recorded correctly. Volunteers will be on hand to help racers keep track of their lap count.

On the bike, the 5-6 age group will ride a 1 mile lap heading east on La Sierra Dr. from the park entrance (turn left out of the park and turnaround just after Casmalia Way and return to the park/transition area), while all other age groups will complete 1 counterclockwise lap (turning right out of the park to Berrendo Dr. to just after Casmalia Way and back to the park/transition area). It is the participant’s responsibility to make their bicycle number plate visible. After finishing the bike leg, participants will return to the Transition Area to return their bike to its original location.

NOTE: All bikes must be pedal powered. No electric/battery enabled bicycles will be allowed. Training wheels ARE allowed.

On the run, lap recording will be done by having a mark placed on their arm after each lap. It is necessary for the participants to have their run bib number visible at all times during the run.

The race finishes when they cross the finish line.

A word about Triathlon Transitions

The “Transition” is often referred to as the “Fourth Event” in a triathlon. Many finishes are determined on how fast an athlete can transition form one leg to the next. Practicing at home prior to the event will allow your child to become familiar with what needs to be done, and how it’s done, so they can quickly move from one leg to the next. We will have volunteers stationed inside the transition area to assist when needed. Volunteers will be instructed not to assist a competitor that gives them an unfair advantage. Seeing the smile and the sense of accomplishment on a child’s face as they cross the finish line knowing they completed a triathlon on their own is priceless.

An athlete transitions from Swim to Bike
The Transition area is an important part of a triathlon

Please note that parents/guardians and siblings are not allowed in the Transition Area at any time, including before the race, during the race, or after their child has completed the race. The only exception is for kids in the 5-6 age/division; one parent/guardian is allowed to assist with shoe tying, putting on their helmet, and removing their bike from the racking, etc. Participants are required to place their bike back in the racking in the same spot on their own.

Free Clinic

We will be holding a Free Clinic the weekend before the race. Besides going over all three legs and transitions, we will answering any questions you might have. We will be making regular updates about the clinic on Facebook, so please like us or follow us on Instagram.

Volunteers Needed

As you can see, putting on an event requires many volunteers to ensure that it is safe and allows participants to complete the event without outside help. Please consider volunteering, there are shifts before, during, and after the event.


In 2024, the Arden Park Youth Triathlon will be using www.svetiming.com to time the race. Results will be posted live (via svetiming.com) and on ardenparkyouthtriathlon.org within 24 hours of the end of the race.

For more information, please see our Race Day Info page and our Triathlon Tips page.

Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns you might have.